Benefits And Uses Of Witch Hazel

Only if we get to learn the real power of nature, we will hardly resort to any conventional medicine for those very basic health problems we face on a day to day basis.

For example, look at the amazing American witch-hazel which is a very imperative shrub, indigenous to the third largest continent on earth, North America.

Essentially, it offers a wide range of some very basic and some very useful benefits to mankind, I dare no man-made medicine can offer all in one.


American-witch hazel is a high source of polyphenolic molecules which is what give it the power to be this effective and remedial for a number of concerns. Basically, these molecules encompass phenols that break into tannins- the most useful organic substance found in plants.

If you investigate more about tannin, you will get to learn how well it can advantage us and in what versatile ways. Any plant that is a rich source of tanning can perform as an:

  • Anti-inflammatory agent.
  • Astringent
  • Antioxidant
  • Vasoconstrictive

To say the least, Witch-Hazel can do all that for you!


As stated earlier, the shrub holds a plethora of benefits, few of which are thoroughly studied and testified by the researchers, like:

  • Its role in easing inflammation: Some processes are ought to happen owing to their biological nature and inflammation is one of these. Interestingly, it is the result of our body’s immune reaction that defends us from any possible infection or injury we can get through an external or internal source. Though, persistent inflammation can do the opposite to us by increasing the risks of diseases associated with unceasing inflammation.

Much to our relief, Hazel comes to the rescue through its anti-inflammatory powers that are generated through its contents like tannins and gallic acid that simply keep such abnormalities at bay.

  • It counteracts free radicals: Free radicals are understandably dangerous that can be aptly held responsible for the development and progression of several diseases in our body. Certainly, their removal is essential which can be done through the antioxidants found in Witch-hazel.
  • It addresses and manages skin-related concerns caused by inflammation: The shrub is overly effective for skin related concerns as it is regarded for other therapeutic uses. Since the extract bears strong healing powers for inflammation, we can rightly utilize its use to manage skin concerns caused by it for example eczema, psoriasis, acne.

Not just this, research further suggests that people with sensitive scalp and sensitive skin (characterized as dry, damaged, red and irritated skin) can also benefit from its antioxidant content and soothing abilities.

Of course, as these problems are external, addressing them requires the topical use of Witch-Hazel.

  • Deal with hemorrhoids too efficiently: This is a very disturbing condition that generates problems like difficulty in passing stool owing to extreme itching and bleeding from the anus. Basically, the problem develops when the rectal veins bear constant inflammation which results in burning, swelling and pain following by the inability to let smooth bowel movements. But thankfully, hazel can go to extreme lengths to ease almost all the signs that fall under the symptoms of Hemorrhoids, including bleeding. Similar to other external concerns, the use of hazel in this case would also be topical through ointments and creams recommended by a professional health care adviser.
  • Relieves sore throat and prevent infection: There are some investigations depicting its effectiveness towards the healing of sore throat due to its anti-inflammation effects.

But that’s not it, it has been found that the compound may also counter a specific class of viral infections through the tannins it has. Even though, these claims have been made on the basis of test-tube investigations, time is near when these claims will be supported by advance research on humans that will take place sooner than soon.


Hazel is least likely to cause complications, unless the usage is increased to abnormal levels. Interestingly, it can be used in a number of forms, including:

  • Tropical application (via creams, oil and ointments).
  • Oral ingestion (a slight amount through herbal teas).
  • Gargling (for troubled throat).

But, regardless of whatsoever way you choose to benefit from Hazel, make sure you do not exceed the dosages from what has been suggested by your doctor.


Remember, there are some doctors who do not prefer its oral usage because of its somewhat unsafe nature in comparison with its external use. Some people develop allergic reaction whereas some face other complications, thereby, one must always have a word with an expert before resorting to a treatment plan (particularly the one that involves oral ingestion) based on witch-hazel.