The Music of Happiness

Finding that perfect partner can be an uphill climb for singles who feel they have aged past the nominal time for marriage or long term commitment. They might have focused on their career for years before seeking a partner, or they could have rejected perfectly good choices because they were waiting for someone special. For those who are willing to step out of their own comfort zone, the music of happiness with a partner may still be on their dance card.

Moonlight strolls on the beach can be a great time to be with a date, but they are less than romantic and fulfilling when that date is not someone willing to be part of a long term relationship. Disappointment can mar the beauty of the moon shining upon the waves, and it can take the romance out of the evening. Dancing through life with another person means recognizing their goals too, but it also means taking into account what they are willing to give to a relationship. If the stroll is nothing more than exercise, it might be time to find the next partner.

Love and romance are what often attracts people to make a commitment to a partner, yet happiness is important. Being with someone who looks good might be disappointing when their support is lacking in the bad times. A great dance partner in a relationship may be awkward on the floor, but their ability to hold up the person they love can be the most graceful and loving act of all times.

Singles often have their own measures of what makes a great partner, but they need to understand not all the good qualities will show up right away. They will need to look for the small but graceful steps that will bring them love and support throughout their future relationship.