Dance Competition for Couples

There are always people who take their hobbies and pastimes seriously, and dancing is one of these areas. Schools that teach dance are generally happy to see any of their students entering competitions, and they encourage them as much as possible. They will help them select music, choose a dance routine and some of them will even devote extra time to helping them train. When the dance competition is for couples, they might even help them find a partner.

The majority of dance competitions are for amateurs, so little is known about the personal lives of the partners. Those who happen to catch a show on television might assume they are a couple in real life as well as on the stage, but this is often untrue. Many of these couples have been matched by schools or coaches looking for a winning team, and their personal lives are very separate.

Part of winning a dance competition is the ability to fit into the music, and couples must appear involved romantically if that is the theme of the song. As they stare lovingly into each other’s eyes, they are probably thinking about their next steps instead of each other. Romance has little to do with it, but this is not what they present to the audience and judges. As their steps match perfectly, they are in true partnership for the length of the dance.

Dancers who enter these competitions are the same as those in any other sport or profession, and they want to win. Finding just the right partner has nothing to do with being involved as a couple off the floor, but they must find harmony together if they want to succeed. While few of them are a couple when not dancing, many of them are friends who respect each other deeply in their dancing as well as their personal lives.