Dancing Together as a Couple

Faster dance music is often sought by younger couples. They enjoy the challenge of keeping up with the beat of the music while they complete their steps. Age is not necessarily a barrier for this type of music. Older couples generally have good communication skills and excel at complex dance moves. They have learned to work together and communicate without words. They can give many younger couples a run for their money on the dance floor.

Learning to dance to the fastest music takes an excellent partner. They must have a good sense of rhythm, the ability to keep in step and a knowledge of how to work with their partner. Being in good shape is also a necessity. Mambo is one of the dances that require both partners to be experienced in dancing. It is fast-paced, complex and has many different forms. It can be an open dance or closed, and the lead partner must choose what is best for both of them.

For a couple, dancing together is a lifetime activity. Many begin dancing together when dating and continue long after their wedding day. Over time, they develop their skills and compensate for each other during complex dance moves. Their communication throughout the dance is enhanced by their deep knowledge of their partner. These factors make a long term dancing partner a joy on the floor.