An Unexpected Dance Partner

When going out to dance the night away, people generally have a partner who goes with them. If they do not start out together, many of them already have plans to meet at the dance hall. If they are performance dancers, they might have a long term partner, familiar in many ways, who will accompany them during their time on stage. Finding their partner has not been able to make it could ruin their dance, but an unexpected dance partner might just be what they need.

Dancing is often done with two people who fit each other well moving to the music in harmony, and a long term dating partnership feels the same way. Each person will almost always know how their partner will react in a given situation, and there is a great deal of comfort in their knowledge. They can relax with the other person, be assured they will be there at the right moment, and they feel a bond that will not break. If their partner ever fails to show up or react correctly, things can be very wrong for the relationship.

When the unexpected occurs, it is not always good for the dance or the relationship. There are times when it might shake up a person and give them an opportunity to see new facets of their world. The sudden light showing on what they have taken for granted in a partner might make them face realities they would never before consider, and it could show them that the right partner is not the one they have been with for years.

Comfort is important to many people in their lives, and the dance of life or performance is where settling for comfort is never good. While it is important to be comfortable during the performance, there should be more depth to the relationship between them than just an ease of movement.